SETA - the Southern Eastern Trail Alliance

SETA is a subcommittee of the Eastern Trail Alliance, created to further increase awareness of the Eastern Trail in the areas south of the developed off-road trail which presently ends at State Route 35 in Kennebunk.

To that end a handful of people have been meeting on a regular basis in that region to achieve that goal.  The emphasis is on raising awareness and support for these southern municipalities - Kennebunk, Wells, North Berwick, South Berwick, Eliot and Kittery. The group launched a strong awareness campaign over summer 2013.

Two towns in the SETA area, Kennebunk and Wells, have applied to the state for "Shovel Ready" design engineering for the off-road sections in their towns. Although the support of the ET was already evident in those towns, their applications (along with 92 other requests across the state) were not funded due to the 47% decrease in available federal funds this cycle.  Therefore, the emphasis on raising awareness and support for these southern municipalities - Kennebunk, Wells, North Berwick, South Berwick, Eliot and Kittery, became a prime focal point for SETA, who then launched a strong awareness campaign over the summer. 

SETA members have met informally with a number of residents of North Berwick, to gauge the interest and level of support present.  Many North Berwick residents were called, and presentations made at events such as local wellness fairs.

NoBerwickSETAMtg032613Promotional Flyer for March 2013 Meeting (click on image for larger view)An important SETA event was an ET Public Informational Meeting held at the North Berwick Community Center in March 2013. Bob Hamblen and Tad Redway made presentations and John Andrews narrated an ET slide show tailored to the North Berwick audience. Attendance was good, with nearly 30 people in attendance, and the group was enthusiastic in its response. The question and answer session was very lively, and it was clear that there was a great deal of interest in and support for bringing the ET to NB. More information about this meeting:

  • Several news articles about this meeting can be viewed: Foster's Online and the Kennebunk Post.
  • A video of the meeting is available for viewing.
  • Click here to view a document that described route options through North Berwick, and includes color maps (this is a large pdf file, it may take some time to download).

In the 2013 summer campaign, SETA volunteers set up displays at many seasonal outside events and celebrations, and made presentations to spread the word of the Eastern Trail. The prime message was that the ETA is now concentrating on bringing the trail to and through their towns and villages. Without exception, these York County missionaries reported successes and are eager to continue the efforts for better trail awareness moving south.

Current SETA efforts to bring the ET experience to new people and communities include:

  • Organizing outings for youth groups, schools, and interested adults— cycling, cross-country skiing, evening walks. Those “on the trail” events would supplement the many target presentations of local club and civic organizations.
  • Researching alternate ways to finance the initial costs involved with trail building: e.g., feasibility studies, legal expenses, and design costs needed to present “shovel ready” projects for state and federal funding.

SETA is gaining strength each month with new members who are eager to see the trail extensions become a reality. Their mission is daunting, with approximately 36 miles of trail remaining to be built in order to connect with NH at the Memorial Bridge in Kittery. Anyone interested in joining in this effort will be warmly welcomed - please contact Joe Yuhas, ETA trustee by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (207) 283-4487.

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