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Many articles about the Eastern Trail are organized on this news archives page.  The most recent articles appear immediately below, with the first part of each article displayed. Click on any article title, or the "Read More.." link to read the full text of that article. A list of additional article titles appears at the bottom of the page.



Vision of walkable Oak Hill nears reality

Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 9:42 pm | Updated: 9:44 pm, Wed Dec 10, 2014.

By Kate Irish Collins This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SCARBOROUUGH - It’s been at least seven years since town leaders in Scarborough first began talking about making Oak Hill more walkable.

Now, the town’s Ad Hoc Transportation Committee is hoping to get the final designs for upgrading the intersection by enhancing crosswalks and making changes to better address pedestrian and motorist safety in early 2015.

In a memo sent to the Town Council recently, the committee said its goal is to get the final engineering plan in February and then put the project out to bid in either late February or early March, with a completion date of mid-June.


Rodgers Ski and Bike Shop Sign in Scarborough

Jim Bucar saw this sign recently in Scarborough, and stopped to snap a photo. 

Rodgers Ski and Sport is a constant supporter of the Eastern Trail, and we very much appreciate their support.. Thus we want to recognize and boost their efforts, as they have been advertising and boosting our efforts. Thank you, Rodgers!

rodgersETsign(photo by Jim Bucar)

MaineDOT Complete Streets Policy Signed on June 14th, 2014

MaineDOT Commissioner Bernhardt signed a new policy on June 14th, 2014 that outlines important elements of Maine’s improved project planning and development processes. Complete Streets policies have a foundation in federal law, guidance, and best practices, and have been signed into law or policy in states and communities throughout the nation.

The MaineDOT Complete Streets Policy, developed in 2013 and 2014 through extensive internal and external stakeholder processes, outlines how MaineDOT and its project partners will consider the needs of all users when planning and developing projects. The intent of this policy is to help ensure that all users of Maine’s transportation system—our customers—including bicyclists, pedestrians, people of all ages and abilities, transit users, and motor vehicle users, have safe and efficient access to the transportation system.


"Adding Trails to Rails Saves Lives" - a 2008 ETA Study

Can Trails Make Rails Safer?
Annually 500 trespassers are killed in rail corridors.
With 142,000 miles of freight corridor, that s an annual fatality rate of One fatality for every 300 miles of rail corridor.
Not even one fatality has been recorded during the 40-year history of rails-with-trails for a pessimistically estimated annual fatality rate of One fatality for every 8000 miles.
Can we explain this 26-to-1 difference in fatality rates?
Americans, rightly or wrongly, consider rail corridors to be trails. If Rails are trails, they are terribly dangerous ones. They are also poor trails, awkward to walk.
Simply by providing a better, nearby trail, people apparently walk on the real trails thus reducing rail trespass fatality rates.

Eastern Trail parking spots are approved

By Alex Acquisto, Staff Writer

ARUNDEL — The board of selectmen approved the installation of six to eight parallel parking spaces on the west side of Limerick Road, near the juncture of the Eastern Trail.

The juncture lies southeast of town hall, between the respective intersections of Limerick and Mountain roads, and Limerick and Campground roads.

There is designated parking for the Eastern Trail in the corner of the town hall parking lot; however, the walk to the actual trailhead is somewhat precarious due to the narrow road and minimal shoulder.


Eastern Trail expands into South Portland

By Michael Kelley, Staff Writer. May 30, 2014, The Scarborough Leader.

Officials from the Eastern Trail Management District have long dreamed of a time when a bicyclist, runner or walker could continuously travel off-road from the Piscataqua River in Kittery to Casco Bay in South Portland. Now, thanks to funding from the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS), that dream is a little bit closer to happening.

The communities of Scarborough and South Portland recently received $350,000 from PACTS to extend the Eastern Trail from Pleasant Hill Road in Scarborough to Wainwright Field in South Portland. The .8 mile trail, once completed, will go from Wainwright Field through the woods past Prouts Pond along Central Maine Power property before connecting to Pleasant Hill Road.

“We have advertised this as a trail between Kittery and Casco Bay and with this, now we are getting closer and closer to making that a reality,” said Eastern Trail Management District President Tad Redway.


Funding will help complete Eastern Trail between Scarborough, South Portland

By Shelby Carignan, Staff Writer. Friday, May 30, 2014. The Forecaster.

SCARBOROUGH — Officials confirmed that the town has received enough funding to begin closing the gap in the Eastern Trail between South Portland and Scarborough.

Though the $376,000 from the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System will not complete the 1.5-mile section from the Nonesuch River in Scarborough to Wainwright Athletic Complex in South Portland, it green-lights construction on a smaller segment just under a mile long from Wainwright to Pleasant Hill Road. 

Construction will likely begin late this year or early in 2015.


Deirdre Fleming: Eastern Trail on the road to further expansion

Staff Writer Deirdre Fleming tested the Eastern Trail in 2003, cycling from Kittery to South Portland, and saw how beautiful even the most developed areas of Maine can be. Gregory Rec/Staff Photographer Nearly 20 years of expansion has proven successful, and more is on the way.

Sunday, May 25, 12:01 A.M.

Pennsylvania trail guru Carl Knoch said it takes decades to build an off-road, long-distance bike path through urban areas.

In southern Maine it’s been nearly 17 years since the Eastern Trail was launched. And as we close in on two decades of work, the effort behind this urban trail has gained ground, quite literally.

I can attest to that, having spent the past decade waiting for the Eastern Trail Alliance, the nonprofit behind the trail’s development, to make it worth my while as a long-distance cyclist.

Four years ago the Eastern Trail Alliance founder, John Andrews, promised me they’d get me an off-road commuter route from my home in Kennebunkport to Portland. True to his word, it happened a year later when the Eastern Trail bicycle-and-pedestrian bridges were built over Route 1 and Interstate 95, and five miles of trails were added between Kennebunk and Old Orchard Beach.


Eastern Trail 10th Anniversary

Eastern Trail 10th Anniversary at Scarborough MarshET Leaders and Visionaries: (from left) Bob LaNigra, John Andrews, Bruce Gulifer, Tom Daley, Bob Bowker (photo by Jim Bucar)Monday May 19, 2014 marks ten years since ground was broken for construction of the Scarborough Marsh section of the Eastern Trail. The project was managed under the direction of the 12-town Eastern Trail Management District in partnership with many organizations including the Town of Scarborough. That section has generated amazing public support for the Eastern Trail.

Could anyone with their groundbreaking shovels in hand have imagined what would be accomplished in the following ten years?

Congratulations and many thanks to the hundreds, and thousands who believed in and supported the Eastern Trail vision and have worked so hard to continue building the first 21 miles of our off-road trail. Since that historic day, we have truly demonstrated that "if you build it, they will come."

Several Eastern Trail leaders, and visionaries, who led the efforts to get this project designed, funded, and off the ground, gathered on the Scarborough Marsh bridge on May 19 to mark the 10th anniversary (all photos by Jim Bucar):



Old Orchard Beach on path for trail expansion

Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 3:56 pm | By Kayla J. Collins This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |

A portion of the Eastern Trail runs across Milliken Mills Road in Old Orchard Beach. Two town-owned areas off Portland Avenue and Milliken Mills Road are in the process of being developed for recreational use and are within walking distance to the Eastern Trail.OLD ORCHARD BEACH - The next phase of developing 72 acres near the intersection of Portland Avenue and Milliken Mills Road in Old Orchard Beach as a multi-use forestry space and public recreational area is under way.

The Town Council has accepted a $2,802 bid from stewardship forester Parker Forestry Associates, North Berwick, to inventory the property and create a Forest Management Plan that would include a description of land ownership objectives and what can be done to improve the site.

In January, the town received a matching grant for about $8,000 from Project Canopy and the Maine State Forest Service to help extend the network of recreational trails in the community, and to preserve 68 acres of land off Portland Avenue as wildlife habitat, according to Conservation Commission member Kimbark Smith, who is also the project manager for what has been dubbed the Milliken Mill Woods project.


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