Ideas for Getting Out on the Trail

Ideas for Getting Out on the Eastern Trail

Really?  There are SO many things you can do. If you are new to the trail, or just haven't been able to figure out how to get out, this article is for you. Here are some suggestions:


1. Join a group trail activity. Check our Events page for activities near you, or that interest you. Here's some ongoing options:

  • Maine Lighthouse Ride — Our Biggest Event takes place September 7, 2019. This is our premier event for the year, and once again is expected to reach its limit of 1200 registered riders! Three great ride options.
  • Lunch and Loop Rides. To acquaint participants with the beauty of the Eastern Trail and increase twowheeled camaraderie, the Eastern Trail Alliance will sponsor from three to five bike rides. To allow riders to enjoy Maine’s seasonal changes, ride organizer Russ Lamer will lead them from Spring through Fall. More information here.
  • ET Moonlight treks are scheduled throughout the year, every month -— walking in the summer, snowshoeing and skiing as possible in the winterRead about the Full Moons here.

2. Get to know the trail better.

3. Spread Your Knowledge and Enthusiasm about the Trail. Once you know the trail better, consider becoming an Eastern Trail Ambassador. As an ET Ambassador, you can provide a presence on the ET in a non-enforcement capacity, offering information to trail users, getting comments from trail users including any trail problems, and actively promoting the trail.
There are other volunteer opportunities as well - check out our Volunteer page.

4. Find out how others are using the trail for fun and exercise.

The website and its sister site are free to join - You can then search the routes for running,  walking or cycling on or near the Eastern Trail that others have mapped and shared. Here are some examples (links below are to MapMyRun, the same routes are found in both sites):

The Eastern Trail was recently featured in a new Maine: Southern Coast Running Guide. Check out the Eastern Trail segment, which highlights three specific sections that it calls "the most scenic off-road sections for running."

5. Check our Videos page - this is another way to see how others have enjoyed the trail. View videos related to cycling, running, walking, and pther ways to enjoy the trail.

6. Other considerations when you are out on the trail:

a. Parking - Our Parking page helps find easy and safe access to the trail.

b. Need a bike? Check out our Rentals page

c. Visiting the southern Maine area? Check out our Lodging page.

d. Enjoying the trail with a pet? Check these two resources:

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